Jobkhoji.com is one of the emerging and leading job portal site of Nepal, established by the team of experienced experts in the field of Information Technology. The core aim of this job portal is to provide satisfaction to both Job provider and Job seeker. In the present context in Nepal, Here are huge quantity of people who looks for good job as per their qualification and ability but they do not get that sorts of job which they wish.

In other hand, lots of organizations also want to explore their business through qualified and able persons but they also can not get that type of persons. so even they want they will not get success more and more in their business and may create problems.

Hence, Jobkhoji.com may solve that problems by coordinate between Employee and Employer. With experts in our team, we serve with possibly the best and hassle free services .As Information Technology has been expanding day by day, the Organization and the job seeker both can use this as per their appropriateness.

we assure that by using this, Job seeker can build their career and organization can take more benefit from this. So, if you want to coordinate with fair environment, we would like to request to you to visit our website and take more benefits from us.

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